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What You Should Not Miss Doing in Cannes

La Croisette 

Like the Promenade des Anglais in adjoining Nice, La Croisette is quite possibly the most notable roads in France – it positively rules Cannes, running the length of the seafront for a mile. Spotted with fashioner shops, palm trees and gambling clubs, it’s here that you’ll track down the most astute lodgings, a considerable lot of which have their own private sea shores. 

With a Mediterranean environment and smooth standing, Cannes is an extraordinary spot to visit. This city, on the sparkling French Riviera, has shopping on the Rue d’Antibes, houses of worship like Notre-Dame d’Esperance, sea shores including la Plage du Midi and cruising on the Croisette.

Le Vieux Port 

The Old Port of Cannes is a pleasant blend of customary appeal and enormous abundance, where the harsh Medieval design of Le Suquet overshadows (and maybe peers downward on) the fabulous lines of yachts arranged in the port. Pick one of the cool bars that line the water’s edge to watch the tremendous boats coast all through town – and maybe you’ll see the overlaid rare sorts of people who get carried to and from the greatest yachts. 

Le Sequet 

Le Suquet, a Roman settlement over the city, is the most established region in Cannes. The area is a pleasure to walk around, and the pastel-shaded structures give a feeling of what Cannes resembled in the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years (before the crowds of holidaymakers showed up). 

Musée de la Castre 

The Musée de la Castre is situated inside an archaic palace that was once home to the priests of Lérins. Situated high over the city, it gives astounding perspectives on Cannes and past. In the nineteenth century, the gallery was passed on a varied workmanship assortment by a neighborhood occupant, which incorporates archaic curios, Asian instruments and surprising compositions. 

Sainte-Marguerite Island 

Sainte-Marguerite, the biggest Lérins island only north of Saint-Honorat, is reached by a ship administration (the two littlest must be reached by private boat). The languid island has some exquisite sea shores and is presently appropriate for a peaceful roadtrip away from occupied Cannes – however with it’s instructing position ignoring the Pointe Croisette landmass and the Bay of Cannes, it was at one time a tactical fortification, sustained in the star-formed Vauban style during the 1600s.

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Cuba – The Pearl of the Antilles

The so-called Pearl of the Antilles and the biggest island in the whole Caribbean Sea, Cuba can appear to be a world separated from the refined paradisiacal holidaying detects that encompass it. 

For one, its history is still particularly alive. So when you’re ready, let’s take a virtual tour and see what this beautiful country can offer to eager tourists from all over the world.

Stroll the Havana Malecon

It’s where leather-wrapped local cigars and the size of plantains, where Cadillacs ricochet and knock over the lopsided streets. It is also the place where gloved fighters fight with the tropical air and road performers mix with darlings in the midst of the pungent ocean breezes that move in from Florida and the Key West waterways toward the north.

Sea arts display in Nacional de Bellas Artes

Enjoy the variety of arts displayed on this side of Cuba. Visitors can come and see the image of Federico Beltrán Masses, the politically injected canvases of Guillermo Collazo, and present day design works by any semblance of Rita Longa.

See the Museum of the Revolution

Nestled in the flawless neo-traditional Presidential Palace in the core of noteworthy Havana, the Museum of the Revolution is a must-try for any history cherishing voyager advancing toward the Pearl of the Antilles.

Explore the Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca

Far away from the city avenues of Havana and the capital’s own UNESCO-validated posts, this powerful stronghold crowns the rough bluffs on the island’s south-eastern edge. Make sure this is one of your itinerary and you’d be surprised just how much you will learn to love this city.

Trek to Sierra Maestra

Sierra Maestra is the great anchor of the Cuban Arc and a great addition to your list of travel places in Cuuba. Set in the profound southern scopes of the nation, they course drastically to the Caribbean Sea, ascending in steep ramparts and rough projections from Cape Cruz to the estuaries of the Guantanamo River.

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Touring in the Wonderful Country of Cuba

At the point when our trips to Cuba moved around we understood that the terrifically significant examination we had expected to do simply hadn’t occurred. We hadn’t booked any convenience or even had a decent gander at a guide. To put it obtusely, we knew nothing about going in Cuba. All we knew was that at 11 PM that evening we would be remaining in Havana air terminal with no sign where to go from that point.

Wi-Fi is not always available in the area

Not having wifi encompassing you the entire day truly causes you to acknowledge how dependent you are on it. No web implied no protracted examination meetings. Damn It! It additionally implied a ton of the things we do impromptu – looking into exercises for the afternoon, checking café and visit audits, conceivable roadtrips or the plausibility of precipitously changing plans through and through – were neither advantageous nor modest. Wifi is just accessible in certain public territories around there and is charged constantly.

Do not book your accommodation in advance

As we were showing up after the expected time around evening time in Havana we booked our first night as it were. What’s more, that is actually all we required. In the casa specific framework – where Cubans can lease spare rooms in their homes as vacationer convenience – it appears to be each host has companions or family members living the length and expansiveness of the country. They in a real sense have journals separated into each town in Cuba with pages of names and telephone numbers. At the point when you are prepared to proceed onward they will call around to reserve a spot in your next objective.

Cuba is not the easiest place to travel

We have both ventured out to a ton of nations in various pieces of the world, yet in Cuba it seemed like the frameworks set up explicitly for sightseers removed a portion of the opportunity of movement. There were such countless things we were told as outsiders we ‘weren’t permitted to do’. For voyagers searching for a touch of adaptability in their itinerary items this can be a reasonable inconvenience and makes being unconstrained somewhat troublesome. Coming from a western viewpoint numerous things simply don’t work in the most sensible manner and there were such countless minutes where we just halted and thought, Wait, what!?

Be prepared for crowds if you visit during the peak season

Our greatest misinterpretation was that Cuba was still a little distant and unseen corner of the globe. That it would simply be us walking around town with the Cubans. Thinking back, this was so guileless of us. Cuba has gotten the go-to objective in the world. It appears everybody that has at any point held the craving to ‘at some point’ visit Cuba has at long last and all the while concluded that time is currently.

You may find it hard to find a convenient store

Our first day in Havana it was steaming hot and all we needed was a virus container of water. Two hours of investigating the city later, figuring we’d pass a shop eventually, we were still confused. Numerous zones really don’t have stores with general supplies and in different parts it turns out those dark, foggy windows with no signage that seem as though a neglected distribution center are really overflowing with stuff available to be purchased.

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Cheapest Hotel in Paris

As you may know, Paris is not known for its budget-travel credentials. Paris is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world.  But what you may know is that there are many great places in Paris that are absolutely for free. To add to the fact, there are also numerous budget hotels in the city. In this article, we have listed some of the best hotels that budget travelers will definitely love.

Hotel Ekta

 Everything in this hotel is bold and sexy.  From the black and white graphic decorations that pay homage to Courrèges and the glamorous staircase. Everything in this hotel might look expensive but it is totally very affordable. It has a prime location and is located near numerous shopping centers, including Musée Yves Saint Laurent.

Mama Shelter Parist East

If you want something a bit secluded, you can trust Mama Shelter Paris East to give you that feeling. This hotel helps you escape from the hustle-bustle of the city.  It is located in the Bagnolet District in the East of Paris and is a half-hour travel by car or public transport. It has dark and moody rooms but they are definitely stylish.  The breakfast is great and there is a rooftop bar where you can relax. It also has a restaurant on the ground floor that serves delicious meals.

Hotel des Grandes Ecoles

Hotel des Grandes Ecoles is a family-run hotel in Paris. It’s a bit old fashioned but its rooms are well-groomed and clean.  Located at the heart of Paris, this hotel is an ideal choice if you want to be closer to the city. Its setting can definitely give a familial feel. It has a cobbled patio, lush garden, and a relaxing exterior atmosphere with climbing plants on the fence.

Hôtel Jeanne d’Arc

This hotel languishes in style and makes you travel back in time as far back as the 17th century. Although most of the decorations and things inside are quite antique, the building has preserved its glamour. The rooms are clean and neat, and the furniture is lovely. Thanks to the renovations that made it much better. It has cozy rooms for tired tourists to rest. The price range is quite affordable. You’ll definitely love this hotel.

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How to Have Fun When Cruising to Mexico

Welcome aboard! A cruise to Mexico is probably one of the best experiences in the world. Being able to journey into the heart of Mexico is a great opportunity to relax and refresh yourself from the hustle-bustle of the city life. Most cruise ships will let you have shore excursions along your journey so if you love this part of the cruise, here are shore excursions that you can try.

Explore the ancient City of Tulum

The ancient City of Tulum is a hidden paradise in Cancun. After a guided tour around many temples in the area and immerse in the Mayan culture, you can explore this place.  Whether you are alone or with your family, this place will truly amaze you with its beauty. 

Go off-road from Ensenada with an ATV

After a delicious meal on board the ship, there is an option to burn all the calories with an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and motor your way up to the mountains! You can travel with the rest of the groups through the vineyards of Ensenada where you can taste some of the finest wines in the Caribbean.  Cheese lovers will also appreciate the abundance of high-quality cheese in the area. The mountains in Ensenada are great off-shore destinations for cruisers but you would have to choose the best cruise lines, which include this tour.

Saddle up your camel a unique Mexican adventure

Well, if you think camels are only available in the Middle East, then think again. You can actually experience riding on camels in a North American desert.  Camels in Caribbean are known as “The Ship of the Desert” and you won’t realize the true reason why unless you try this offshore adventure. The best way to enjoy riding a camel is to go by pack where you can caravan on the shore.

Say yes to Maya Adventure Park

Costa Maya is often the hottest destination for cruisers. After seeing Cancun and Cozumel on your cruise to Mexico, you must not miss the opportunity to see the Maya Adventure Park where kids can enjoy the water slides and zip lines. Maya Adventure Park is a real fun area in Mexico with open bar and pool facilities. This is the best place in Mexico that can be enjoyed with the whole family, especially when you have kids around.

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Tips for Finding the Cheapest Caribbean Cruise

We all want the best deals when we travel. Of course who doesn’t want to save a few bucks anyway? Naturally, Caribbean cruises are expensive but there is always a way that you can save a few bills by doing these simple tips.

Tweet your way to savings.

Did you know that you can find great deals on Twitter? Most cruise lines in the Caribbean would throw away last-minute deals in their social media channels and if you get lucky, you might find these deals. So make sure you follow the social media accounts of your favorite cruise lines. Watch for their posts. Watch out for their flash deals and special offers especially during anniversaries. My friends and I took this cruise to celebrate our 7th year in business together (as Chandler Painting Pros). Time to have a blast on my first cruise! Had a blast! Highly recommended.

Bundle it up.

Most cruise lines would offer tour packages that are good for those who want to go by group. These bundles normally go with other perks like Wi-Fi, drink packages, and other excursion packages. So if you are going with the pack, do not buy a single ticket per person. You can make a great bargain by purchasing ticket bundles for the entire group.

Book head of the cruise season.

Some cruise lines would offer cheap deals during off-season so it is best that you search for tickets around this time. In some cases, these tickets would go up when the season comes near and eventually drops last-minute before the cruise. You will need to find the perfect timing when to book your ticket. For example, if it is summer, you can book around school season especially if you are travelling with families.

Monitor prices.

Subscribe to newsletters and travel blogs. These sites would normally send you updates about new deals that you grab on in exchange for a little something – like a subscription or a “like” on their Facebook post.  Download some cruise price tracking tool on your phone so you can receive alerts whenever a cruise ticket is on sale.

Book at the last minute. 

Although this is very risky, most travellers would book at the last minute to catch the cheapest tickets. Caribbean cruises usually issue last-minute deals 90 days before they set sail. Shoulder season cruises which are hard to fill normally issue last-minute deals in an attempt to fill their cabins.

Finding the best deals for Caribbean Cruise doesn’t have to be tedious. All you need is to be more resourceful. Some agencies could even offer more affordable tickets if you are traveling as a family.

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Top 5 Places to Visit When Traveling to Israel

Israel is one of the most beautiful countries that you can visit on the east side of the word. Contrary to popular belief, Israel has a fascinating history and a stunning display of nature that everyone would love upon setting foot in this country.

Acre – North Israel

Different cultures have inhabited Israel over the years.  These include the Crusader and the Ottomans, which obviously have left a lot of unforgettable marks in Acre. This is also the reason why this part of North Israel is worth a visit. You can enjoy a romantic evening walk along the port or enjoy some local restaurants.


Nazareth is a holy destination for Christians around the world. A lot of people would do pilgrimage in this area. In fact, this is where Jesus Christ was born according to the bible. It would be great to stroll around the area, enrich yourself with its history, and take a photo of some iconic places for remembrance.

Golan Heights

If you want to relax and experience nature-tripping in Israel, you can proceed to Golan Heights. This place is a popular destination for travelers who trek or hike through different terrains with varying levels of difficulty. It measures about 1, 800 square kilometres in total and is mostly visited by travelers looking for extreme adventures in Israel.


You can visit Haifa to see the wonderful neighborhood in Israel. Haifa boasts a variety of different culture and friendly neighborhoods. It is also home to the beautiful Bahai Garden, also known as the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, which features garden terraces around the Shrine of the Báb on Mount Carmel.

Ramon Crater

Ramon Crater is located in Mitzpe Ramon, which is a town in the Negev desert. It is also called Makhtesh Ramon in Hebrew, the largest erosion carter in the world. It measures 40 kilometres long and 10 kilometres wide.

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5 Essential Things to Know Before You Visit Miami, Florida

Rich with cultural diversity, natural beauty, and a glamorous beach scene, Miami is an iconic holiday destination that welcomes over 15 million visitors from all around the world every year.

When planning your tip to this vibrant and diverse city, you want to make sure you explore it like a local. Perched on the southern tip of Florida, Miami is a must-visit destination for beach lovers. Here are some of the essential things every Miami vacationer should know.

The Sun Shines all Year Round

The State of Florida enjoys a subtropical climate. Though the sun shines all year round and there’s never a bad time to visit Miami, spring (mid-February to May) is the best time.

The hurricane season hasn’t started and the weather is warm at this time of the year.  Hotel prices and flight rates are low as well. The crowd sizes are smaller too. Winter is relatively warm with average temperatures of 22°C or 72°F. The summer season is warmer with average temperatures of 25°C to 32°C. 

Miami is a Late-Night City that Loves to Party

Miami is one of the American cities that never sleep. While some of the leading nightclubs in Miami stay open around the clock, most don’t open their doors until nearly midnight. So if you’re planning on going clubbing, don’t show up earlier than 11 pm. Don’t forget to be part of some of the seasonal parties than take place along the Miami Beach. 

Choose the Location of your Hotel Carefully

Miami is home to some of the best hotels in the world. It’s important that you take time to research before choosing a hotel with the facilities you need.

What are you looking to experience during your dream vacation? Choose a hotel in an appropriate location so you can save yourself, time, taxi money, and the hassle of moving around. Visitors looking to experience Miami’s nightlife should choose from the colorful Art Deco hotels lining up Miami Beach and South Beach. 

Miami Beach Isn’t Miami’s only Beach

Understand that there’s more to Miami than the beaches. While Miami Beach is a must visit destination for anyone coming to this beautiful city. Most of the travelers who visit Miami consider South Beach and Miami Beach to be Miami itself.

What they don’t realize is that there’s more to this wonderful destination than the two beaches. Plan your trip and make sure you venture further so you can explore and enjoy the extensive network of beaches in Miami including Virginia Key Beach Park, the family friendly Crandon Park, and Haulover Beach.

Public Transportation in Miami is Tricky

Florida’s largest transit system can be found right here in Miami. The only challenge is that it’s not as easy and convenient to use as you may expect. It’s not uncommon for buses to run behind schedule. People prefer using Uber or Freebee, a free shuttle service when they want to get around the city. The Miami Trolley is also a fun and great way to explore and move around the city. 

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