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How to Have Fun When Cruising to Mexico

Welcome aboard! A cruise to Mexico is probably one of the best experiences in the world. Being able to journey into the heart of Mexico is a great opportunity to relax and refresh yourself from the hustle-bustle of the city life. Most cruise ships will let you have shore excursions along your journey so if you love this part of the cruise, here are shore excursions that you can try.

Explore the ancient City of Tulum

The ancient City of Tulum is a hidden paradise in Cancun. After a guided tour around many temples in the area and immerse in the Mayan culture, you can explore this place.  Whether you are alone or with your family, this place will truly amaze you with its beauty. 

Go off-road from Ensenada with an ATV

After a delicious meal on board the ship, there is an option to burn all the calories with an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and motor your way up to the mountains! You can travel with the rest of the groups through the vineyards of Ensenada where you can taste some of the finest wines in the Caribbean.  Cheese lovers will also appreciate the abundance of high-quality cheese in the area. The mountains in Ensenada are great off-shore destinations for cruisers but you would have to choose the best cruise lines, which include this tour.

Saddle up your camel a unique Mexican adventure

Well, if you think camels are only available in the Middle East, then think again. You can actually experience riding on camels in a North American desert.  Camels in Caribbean are known as “The Ship of the Desert” and you won’t realize the true reason why unless you try this offshore adventure. The best way to enjoy riding a camel is to go by pack where you can caravan on the shore.

Say yes to Maya Adventure Park

Costa Maya is often the hottest destination for cruisers. After seeing Cancun and Cozumel on your cruise to Mexico, you must not miss the opportunity to see the Maya Adventure Park where kids can enjoy the water slides and zip lines. Maya Adventure Park is a real fun area in Mexico with open bar and pool facilities. This is the best place in Mexico that can be enjoyed with the whole family, especially when you have kids around.

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Tips for Finding the Cheapest Caribbean Cruise

We all want the best deals when we travel. Of course who doesn’t want to save a few bucks anyway? Naturally, Caribbean cruises are expensive but there is always a way that you can save a few bills by doing these simple tips.

Tweet your way to savings.

Did you know that you can find great deals on Twitter? Most cruise lines in the Caribbean would throw away last-minute deals in their social media channels and if you get lucky, you might find these deals. So make sure you follow the social media accounts of your favorite cruise lines. Watch for their posts. Watch out for their flash deals and special offers especially during anniversaries. My girlfriends and I got a super deal, which made our celebration even more sweet. Got engaged. Got my hair done at JoAnnes’s in Chandler and got my eyelash extensions in Gilbert at Boss Babe Lashes and Brows. Time to have a blast on my first cruise!

Bundle it up.

Most cruise lines would offer tour packages that are good for those who want to go by group. These bundles normally go with other perks like Wi-Fi, drink packages, and other excursion packages. So if you are going with the pack, do not buy a single ticket per person. You can make a great bargain by purchasing ticket bundles for the entire group.

Book head of the cruise season.

Some cruise lines would offer cheap deals during off-season so it is best that you search for tickets around this time. In some cases, these tickets would go up when the season comes near and eventually drops last-minute before the cruise. You will need to find the perfect timing when to book your ticket. For example, if it is summer, you can book around school season especially if you are travelling with families.

Monitor prices.

Subscribe to newsletters and travel blogs. These sites would normally send you updates about new deals that you grab on in exchange for a little something – like a subscription or a “like” on their Facebook post.  Download some cruise price tracking tool on your phone so you can receive alerts whenever a cruise ticket is on sale.

Book at the last minute. 

Although this is very risky, most travellers would book at the last minute to catch the cheapest tickets. Caribbean cruises usually issue last-minute deals 90 days before they set sail. Shoulder season cruises which are hard to fill normally issue last-minute deals in an attempt to fill their cabins.

Finding the best deals for Caribbean Cruise doesn’t have to be tedious. All you need is to be more resourceful. Some agencies could even offer more affordable tickets if you are traveling as a family.

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