Tuesday, August 03, 2021
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Cuba – The Pearl of the Antilles

The so-called Pearl of the Antilles and the biggest island in the whole Caribbean Sea, Cuba can appear to be a world separated from the refined paradisiacal holidaying detects that encompass it. 

For one, its history is still particularly alive. So when you’re ready, let’s take a virtual tour and see what this beautiful country can offer to eager tourists from all over the world.

Stroll the Havana Malecon

It’s where leather-wrapped local cigars and the size of plantains, where Cadillacs ricochet and knock over the lopsided streets. It is also the place where gloved fighters fight with the tropical air and road performers mix with darlings in the midst of the pungent ocean breezes that move in from Florida and the Key West waterways toward the north.

Sea arts display in Nacional de Bellas Artes

Enjoy the variety of arts displayed on this side of Cuba. Visitors can come and see the image of Federico Beltrán Masses, the politically injected canvases of Guillermo Collazo, and present day design works by any semblance of Rita Longa.

See the Museum of the Revolution

Nestled in the flawless neo-traditional Presidential Palace in the core of noteworthy Havana, the Museum of the Revolution is a must-try for any history cherishing voyager advancing toward the Pearl of the Antilles.

Explore the Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca

Far away from the city avenues of Havana and the capital’s own UNESCO-validated posts, this powerful stronghold crowns the rough bluffs on the island’s south-eastern edge. Make sure this is one of your itinerary and you’d be surprised just how much you will learn to love this city.

Trek to Sierra Maestra

Sierra Maestra is the great anchor of the Cuban Arc and a great addition to your list of travel places in Cuuba. Set in the profound southern scopes of the nation, they course drastically to the Caribbean Sea, ascending in steep ramparts and rough projections from Cape Cruz to the estuaries of the Guantanamo River.

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